Cold Hearts

Drama. 3 men, 3 women.

Business titans, mothers and lovers are mixed together with abusive power and a heavy portion of sexual hunger, which drives this drama from New York to Argentina to Tehran and back. The passions are very hot but the hearts are very cold.

Peter and Mary are a wealthy Manhattan couple who have a daughter, Cassie, a professor. She has a tremendous sexual appetite and is involved with two men: Richard, who went to college with her father; and Simon, a young man who recently was her student. Richard is a wealthy, powerful, dangerous older man. Simon is a destitute, brash, leftist-radical, who appears sexually impotent, possibly bisexual, and tragically attracted to abusive lovers. Cassie is addicted to the men and the power: Richard’s power over her and her power over Simon. Her difficult life becomes dangerous and deadly when she attempts to shed her addictions.

Cold Hearts - a play by Michael Walker

COLD HEARTS takes place on an open, sparse, unit set with the suggestion of three living spaces. The play can be presented very well in an intimate space with minimal production values; it can also be a very large production with slides, video and towering scenery.

Cold Hearts was chosen for Primary Stages’ (NYC) Prime Time series, directed by Marc Geller.