Dancing in the Garden

Drama. 2 men, 3 women

What if you loved God with all your heart but couldn't stop sinning?

dancing in the gardenMaria is having a crisis of faith and, while she happens to be Catholic, her crisis is shared today in all faiths and has been shared since the beginning of religion itself. As a child, Maria's life was a beautiful garden – and her garden had loving Italian-American parents, a doting family priest, the security of an embracing church and a rigid-but-comfortable Catholic upbringing. It isn't until she is a sophomore at St. Patrick's High and she kisses Susan Blakeman behind the curtains in the music room, that her life begins to unravel. As she discovers the impossibility of reconciling her sexuality with her religion, she learns her garden has strict rules and the exhilaration of dancing is not allowed. Even knowing she is incapable of changing who she is, she refuses to abandon her faith and she is paralyzed. Maria guides the audience back through her journey as a lesbian Catholic in hopes that if they share a similar pain, they may also discover a path as she has, to freedom and happiness.