Cast of Characters

  • Jessica, 19.  A bright and cheerful college student
  • Lisa, 40’s.  A confident professional woman and mother of Jessica
  • Tony, late 40’s. A very handsome investigative reporter for a national magazine
  • Detective Howard, 45 – 55.

Script Sample



The play takes place in the present in what appears to be a modern, middle-class home in Upstate New York.  The unit set includes the living/dining room and front entrance hall.    The living room is furnished comfortably with a sofa, coffee table and some easy chairs.  It is clean and well-decorated with modern artwork, interesting antique pieces and photographs, including a large photograph of snow-covered mountains in Afghanistan. A small, gift-wrapped Christmas gift is on the coffee table.

AFTERSHOCK can be performed with as much realistic scenery as the producing company desires.  While the script calls for doors and a perceived realism, the play develops into a very surreal world, which could exist on any stage and with any design.  As written, the play alludes to proscenium staging.

Buzz about the Play

Aftershock Builds To A Killer Ending

San Antonio Express News, November 15, 2009

“Michael Walker’s ‘Aftershock,’ a mystery thriller”
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Lauri Gray Eaton



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