Cast of Characters

  • Peter (mid 50’s), a businessman
  • Richard Charles (early 50’s), a friend
  • Mary (60), Peter’s wife
  • Cassandra (“Cassie”) 30, Peter and Mary’s daughter
  • Simon Delgado (24), a former student, Hispanic
  • Rosa, 28 – 32, a prostitute, attractive, Hispanic

Script Sample



The play takes place in the present in New York and Argentina.  It is an open stage with four playing areas, which have only enough furniture to suggest the locations:  Peter and Mary’s combined living/dining room; Richard’s living room; Simon’s dingy, studio bedroom; and a raised upstage platform, which becomes various places.  In Act II, Simon’s bedroom becomes his sleeping area in Argentina.  At best, there will be a cyclorama, drop or some surface on which slides can be projected.


Dialect Note

Most of the Spanish in the script is recorded. In performance, the actors playing Simon and Rosa should be Hispanic and be able to speak Spanish well enough to appear fluent.


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