Cast of Characters

  • Maria Tanglia, mid 20’s
  • Rosa Tanglia, 35-50, her mother
  • Angelo Tanglia, early 40’s-late 50’s, her father
  • Father Mike, early 40’s-late 50’s, her priest
  • Daania (Dani), mid 20’s, her lover, Iranian-American

(Some actors play a range of ages)


Script Sample



The overall intention is for the action to flow from scene to scene seamlessly by a light change and a turn of the head. There is an open stage with furniture pieces defining the various locations. There are very few hand props and very little set dressing.



The play spans the years 1955 – 1970.


Dialect Note

There is very little Italian and Latin. For production, Rosa should appear to be fluent in Italian. Rosa’s Italian speeches can usually be shortened as needed for exits and entrances. Fr. Mike’s Latin is important and short.

Buzz about the Play

“This realistic, provocative play employs good details, imagination, and humor.”
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Melanie N. Lee


“With a minimal set and a cast of only five, the writing is what makes the play so powerful.”
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Sarah Wieboldt

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